Significance of keratinized mucosa around teeth and implants

Gnilova, Anastasia
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The presence of keratinized gingiva, especially attached gingiva around natural teeth and attached mucosa in case of implants plays important role. Despite the fact that the topic about required amount of attached mucosa around implant (if needed at all) has been a topic of interest, most of the clinicians agreed that apart from fact that healthy gingiva gives esthetic satisfaction to the patients, attached mucosa provides better access for cleaning the tooth and implant surface, therefore providing opportunity for patients to remove plaque better. In case of natural teeth it will subsequently lead to decreased chances of having caries in the cervical areas. With regard to implant, sufficient zone of attached mucosa with close adaptation to the implant surface is considered to be critical for long-term success of an implant by many experienced clinicians.Moreover, keratinized attached gingiva provides periodontium with increased resistance to external injuries, gives certain level of protection during mastication and contributes to the stabilization of the gingival margin.
keratiised mucosa