Criticism of War-Related Issues in Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse-Five, Bluebeard and Hocus Pocus

Kovács, Viktor
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I will explore the theme of war and war-related issues in Slaughterhouse-Five, Bluebeard and Hocus Pocus. In the first chapter I will concentrate on what Vonnegut problematizes concerning the various forms of representations of war, including media such as films, books, television and cinema. I will examine to what extent and in which way these representations have influenced the public’s thinking and perception of war, including how the veterans were treated. In the second chapter I will focus on what Vonnegut thinks about the role of authorities in war, including their relationship to atrocities as well as their influence on the subordinated. In the first part of the third chapter I will concentrate on the idea of anthropocentrism, which Vonnegut is determined to dissolve, claiming that this idea is the cause of people’s disastrous and erratic thinking. In the second part, I will examine the opposition between changing and acceptance and what solution Vonnegut offers to correct the people’s erratic thinking.
Kurt Vonnegut, war, Slaughterhouse-Five, Bluebeard, Hocus Pocus