Painting Social Conventions

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The last decade of the twenty-first century became a real boom in the development of street art. A lot of articles have been published about graffiti, stencils, installations and other forms of art placed within the urban space. Street art became a means to reflect the ideas of contemporary artists to extend the levels of the aesthetic representation of contemporary street art. More and more works of street art conquer a place in a system of visual commodities like billboards or banners on the internet. Street art celebrates a moment of transfiguration when images placed within public spaces as a further stage of its evolution it moves to virtuality. The growing popularity and interest and ever academic interest in street art is strongly concerned with a free-to-access possibility to place it within free-to-access distance with the spectator. However, more and more from street surfaces like walls of streets art works slip away to galleries.

street art, visuality, gender studies