Representation of the Evil Woman in Twentieth Century Female Gothic

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In my thesis I will try to concentrate on the characters of those women who choose their career instead of the family and other usual female obligations. My theory is that like in Radcliffe's novel Olivia seems to be the evil mother who denies her own daughter to escape from her home the female antagonist of the Female Gothic novels are “the literal embodiment of “nightmare” itself, like the Frankenstein Monster,” (Wolstenholme 67) because a dominant and independent woman is not only men's “nightmare,” but also an unattainable dream for those women who choose the “original” role instead of their own purposes. In other words, in Female Gothic the evil woman character does not care about the family and motherhood. She is the “devil of the house” instead of the angel version, because she controls her home and prevails in it. The evil woman has a perfect body, because she rejects motherhood and finally, the evil woman has many and complicated relationships with both male and female characters. The evil woman in the twentieth century is the “Wild Woman”: she is a transforming creature, a ghost or a vampire. The character of the evil woman has many shapes and her dominance roots in her individuality.

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