BGP-15 containing Solid-lipid micro- and nanoparticles: Development and Characterisation

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Solid-lipid nanoparticles are tiny, spherical carriers composed of a hydrophobic core and an aqueous phase. BGP-15 is a nicotinic amidoxime derivative developed by Hungarian researchers. It is a potential antidiabetic drug candidate with cardio-, neuro-, nephro-, and photoprotective properties. During the experiment, the aim was to formulate a suitable solid-lipid micro- and nanoparticle that contains BGP-15 for controlled delivery to the site of action. Furthermore, this study was designed to evaluate the SLNs prepared by two different techniques: High shear homogenisation and Ultrasonication in terms of drug loading and entrapment efficacy, size distribution and polydispersity index.

drug delivery, nanoparticles, BGP-15