Manufacturing of spur gears having normal teeth on different pressure angles by module disc milling cutter

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The aim of this study is the manufacturing analysis of five spur gear pairs where the initial geometric parameters are the same only the pressure angle is different. Firstly, the gears must be designed and modelled. After that, I analyse the modification of this geometric parameter for the manufacturing parameters of the pinion and the gear in the case of gear cutting by module disc milling cutter. Using this technology the one tooth cutting can repeat from tooth to tooth in the function of the number of teeth. I would like to find correlations between the pressure angle and the manufacturing parameters. For this purpose, I define the initial technological parameters and calculate necessary technological parameters for the manufacturing process in a general way. I also define the manufacturing parameters for the given gear geometries. This analysis is practical and theoretical at the same time since the results and the process can help the manufacturing engineers to develop the gear manufacturing processes and applying my results for similar manufacturing problems.

spur gear, pressure angle, manufacturing, analysis, gear, pinion