Praying in Silence, Silencing Oppression

Papp, Fruzsina Judit
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This thesis examines the representation of oppression in contemporary Western movies: Brimstone (dir. Koolhoven, 2016), and True Grit (dir. Coen brothers, 2010). It also explores the depiction and symbolism utilized regarding religion, and how the characters resist violence, and oppression. The movies analysed in the essay are both revisionist Westerns, therefore they explicitly subvert the tropes and traditions that were used in classical Western movies. This study aims to be a comprehensive analysis of not only on gender relations and silencing, but also on the paradigm shift that can be observed in contemporary Western movies. Through the theoretical background provided by scholars like Susan Kollin or Richard Barsam and David Monahan, the essay focuses on issues presented through narrative techniques and storytelling modes, such as fragmented and framed narratives, repetition, or cyclicality. The films are compared on the basis of silencing and gender-based oppression, but also regarding how gender relations are represented, as they stand for opposing extremes when it comes to women’s role in nineteenth-century America.
film studies, western, brimstone, true grit, revisionist, silencing