Eyes Can't Sleep: Technique, Visuality and What Is Beyond Them

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My thesis examines the way the spectator perceives and interprets baroque art in Peter Greenaway’s cinema of baroque. I will study not only artistic similarities between Peter Greenaway’s films and other art forms, but cinematic applications and adaptation of certain techniques. The ways of interpreting an artwork depend on one’s age, cultural background, contextual knowledge, social role and several other components. While in historical periods (like in the era of baroque) the appreciation of art was closely tied to religion and faith, for today’s art audiences the aura of the artwork is no longer religious in character, but most likely conditioned by other aspects of culture. Whereas the contemporary audience of an early baroque painting, sculpture or building perceived the flamboyant, ostentatious works as an excellent and deserved way of praising God, today the stylistic devices of the baroque style have an unambiguously different effect on its spectator.

cinema of baroque, Peter Greenaway, postmodernism, neo-baroque