Fortification of flour for health and nutritional benefits

Laoyene, Ghada
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This thesis aims to show the micronutriment lack in a large amount of people and the importance of flour fortification on human health since flour is a very useful and important ingredient and may be a solution to avoid these worldwide deficiencies. It also shows the varieties of fortification that can be made taking in consideration peoples opinions concerning this topic. This study seeks to examine the influence of flour fortificationon diet and wellness, detail the prevalence of micronutrient deficiencies, health impacts, and global patterns and experiences of fortifications of flour. This study provides advice on fortifying flour in countries where vitamin deficiency is perceived to be a public health issue for national fortification programmes. In addition, this report highlights various questions relating to fortification of flours in order to satisfy dietary requirements and improvethe health of vulnerable populations.
micronutrients, shortage in micronutrients, fortification, fortification of essential ingredient, flour, influence on human health, changes on human health