An application of filtered back projection method for computed tomography images

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Mathematical methods take an important part in reconstruction technologies of radiographic image. Back projection, iterative, and analytical (Two-dimensional Fourier, Filtered Back Projection) methods are the most important procedures for image reconstruction. Whenever there exists numerous projections, analytical methods have a great performance in speed and accuracy and due to these advantages they are comprehensively used for X-ray imaging. One of the widespread used methods in tomographic image reconstruction is Filtered Back Projection (FBP) algorithm. This paper presents an application of this reconstruction algorithm for a generated image of the object. Shepp-Logan filter is used to form the filtered back projection image and performance improvement is investigated. The obtained images indicate that FBP algorithm can be substantial for various applications in the field of medicine and industry.

reconstruction, computed tomography (CT) imaging, filtered back projection algorithm (FBP), image enhancement