[S]GalR, GalX and AraR co‐regulate ‐galactose and ‐arabinose utilization in


Filamentous fungi produce a wide variety of enzymes in order to efficiently degrade plant cell wall polysaccharides. The production of these enzymes is controlled by transcriptional regulators, which also control the catabolic pathways that convert the released monosaccharides. Two transcriptional regulators, GalX and GalR, control d-galactose utilization in the model filamentous fungus Aspergillus nidulans, while the arabinanolytic regulator AraR regulates l-arabinose catabolism. d-Galactose and l-arabinose are commonly found together in polysaccharides, such as arabinogalactan, xylan and rhamnogalacturonan I. Therefore, the catabolic pathways that convert d-galactose and l-arabinose are often also likely to be active simultaneously. In this study, we investigated the interaction between GalX, GalR and AraR in d-galactose and l-arabinose catabolism. For this, we generated single, double and triple mutants of the three regulators, and analysed their growth and enzyme and gene expression profiles. Our results clearly demonstrated that GalX, GalR and AraR co-regulate d-galactose catabolism in A. nidulans. GalX has a prominent role on the regulation of genes of d-galactose oxido-reductive pathway, while AraR can compensate for the absence of GalR and/or GalX.

Microbial Biotechnology. -15 : 6 (2022), p. 1839-1851. -Microbial Biotechnology. -1751-7915. -1751-7915