Fatherhood in the Films of Dead Poets Society and Billy Elliot

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In my thesis, I examine how people believe that there are certain qualities and activities that are considered to be part of the ‘good’ parenting practices and how these are more idealogically driven than based on empirical evidence by comparing the fathers', Thomas Perry and Jackie Elliot, parenting styles in Dead Poets Society and Billy Elliot. Financial circumstances of the parent cannot serve as an indicator for being successful at childrearing or not. We cannot say that well-educated parents are definitely going to do better, either. Furthermore, whether a child has both or only one parent will not determine the future of the child. Instead, a more reliable sign for good parenting is the quality of the communication between parent and child. That is the major difference between the two fathers' parenting styles that decided their sons' lives and the son, who was in a considerably better situation did not reach his goal while the other made his dream come true.

fatherhood, good parents, parent-child relatipnship