The Impact of Stephen Krashen's Input Hypothesis on Second Language Acquisition Research

Szurkos, Anita
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In my essay, I will have a look at the relevant Second Language Acquisition Research literature and outline the effect the Input Hypothesis has had. I have chosen this topic because at first hearing its explanatory power really appealed to me. It gave a thorough analysis of the second language learning process. However, after examining the hypothesis more closely its deficiencies have highlighted to me other important aspects of the second language acquisition process and made me analyse my own language learning history as well. Recently, the Input Hypothesis has been neglected by SLA research, most probably because of the controversial figure of its author. Nevertheless, the theory has proved to be popular with practitioners: a complete language teaching theory, the Natural Approach has been built up on the basis of the IH proposed by Terrell and Krashen.
input, second language acquisition