Mechanical properties of the gypsum composite reinforcement with wooden fibers

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The gypsum is one of the most often used materials in the civil engineering. Very often it is applied in the form of plasterboards without any reinforcement, for example, cladding boards are unusable as supporting construction. To improve the mechanical properties of plasterboards, fibrous materials such as cellulose or glass fiber are added. Reinforcement of gypsum with fibers improves in particular the flexural and shear strength. The main purpose of the research is to clarify whether natural wooden fibers could be used as the reinforced of composite gypsum building materials. Wooden fibers are used as a blown or board thermal insulation. This article presents the results of tests aimed at determining the mechanical and physical properties of gypsum composite reinforced with wooden fibers. The effect of the reinforcement on the strength properties as a compressive strength, flexural strength was verified on a series of test specimens. The results of the tests have shown that the reinforcing of gypsum composite has an impact on the mechanical-physical parameters.

composite materials, plasterboards, reinforcement of natural fibers, wooden fibers