Narrativity, Performativity and Nostalgia in Contemporary Staged Photography

Tisza, Eleonóra Márta
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Staged photography and staging as an approach has a special place in contemporary photography, even though it is harshly criticized since its artificiality undermines one of the most important features of photography: the truthful representation of reality. Several artists work with the method of staging and I choose three contemporary British photographers, Gillian Hyland, Lottie Davies, and Hannah Starkey to explore the renewed concepts behind staged photography. The thesis contains three main thematic pillars upon which I grounded by evaluation of stage photography. Firstly, the storytelling capacity and the narrative boundaries of photography were delineated, which can be closely linked to the notion of nostalgia, the manner how memories as narrative elements gain realization in photography, to close the path of argumentation with the notion of performativity, especially how femininity as a construction is represented in staged photos.
staged photography, performativity, nostalgia, narrativity