A statistics-based review on island detection methods in microgrids: Overall investigation and state-of-the-art

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In this paper, a comprehensive statistics-based review of islanding detection methods (IDMs) in microgrids (MGs) is presented. Islanding detection is the situation of isolating the MG from the main grid whether programmed as a result of load managing purposes or un-programmed due to the occurrence of faults. Islanding detection is a vital issue in MG's analyses due to the prevention of subsequent protection problems in the power system. In other words, when the MG's operation mode changes, the current passing through the protective devices changes subsequently and the protection system should be able to adapt the new settings to the protective devices. So, IDMs are vital for electrical engineers to overcome the abovementioned protection issue. This review paper surveys the existing literature in IDMs by concentration on total publications, type of publications (journal, conference paper, or book), five authors with the highest number of publications (including the affiliations), and five most published sources. Also, the five most cited publications and state-of-the-art IDMs are investigated in detail, utilizing some known and novel categorizations. This paper will be useful for the MG's researchers to know the most desirable IDMs, especially in recent years, and provides an insightful overview for future studies.

islanding detection method, protection, active, passive, hybrid, phasor measurement-based, non-phasor measurement-based, mathematics-based, artificial intelligence-based, network modelling and monitoring