A problem-based approach of community supported agriculture within short food supply chains based on a Western Transdanubian Survey

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In recent years, there has been an increasing interest in community supported agriculture, as part of the field of short food supply chains. A considerable amount of literature has been published on SFSCs which mainly deal with the benefits and detriments of these kinds of cooperations. Being regarded as the focal point of this current scrutiny, the study has been created to determine major problems existing on both ends of the food chain spectrum with close connection to the community supported agriculture on producer, consumer and partly on intermediary levels. These problem/target groups were created after an analysis of SFSCs by involvement of several farmer's organization and consumers in the Western Transdanubian region. As result of the survey the most influential factor was determined, namely the in sufficient nature of the market power of CSA organizations. Therefore, the solution of the basic problem coult be a long-term, strategic objective that is the enhancement of the market power of community supported agriculture as vital element of short food supply chains.

short food supply chain, community supported agriculture, problems, objectives