Analysis of organizational commitment in terms of generational differences

Mammadzada, Aysel
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The main objective of this research to define generational workforce impact on organizational commitment scale. For the sake of this study Gen Y and Z employees have been chosen to define the generational influence on the commitment scale. In order to find the relationship between the variables self-report questionnaire has been conducted, and the gathered data based on 120 participants has been used to conduct statistical analyses. Based on the results, there has not been found a significant association between generations and organizational commitment factor, meanwhile concerning to mean difference it has been defined that Gen Z employees have more commitment level than Gen Y participants. Besides that, demographics covariates and other job-related factors have been examined during the study. In a nutshell, the results of this research denied the fact of that older worker having higher-level commitment level in comparison with younger generations, whereas for the result of this research Gen Z represented higher-level commitment rate than Gen Y participants.
organizational commitment, generational workforce, generational differences