Methods to innovate HRM in power transmission company No4

Le Anh, Duc
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PTC 4 is state company, the company is mainly responsible to transmit electricity and implementing power projects. Over the years, the Power Transmission Company No4 has been always interested in cooperating with the center manpower to seek and improve the capacity of staff. The center manpower has responsibility according to human factor of the company such as: training support, seeking candidates, consulting for SHRM (strategic human resource management). The company has put the human factor as the most important, and all its operations centered on this factor. However, in practice the management of human resources in company today still faces many challenges. Because of old thoughts or backward, the company is very hard to develop in globalization and economy integration in the future. Otherwise, human resource management in the company is just personnel management. Therefore, purpose of thesis is to provide solutions about human resources for business to be able to overcome difficulties and keep developing in long term
human resoure management