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  • Nagy, Dávid
    In the contemporary American society, race and racial prejudices are still real issues. The current so-called third wave of anti racism, however, does not offer a great solution. Through the examples of Tiger Woods and ...
  • Horváth, Hanga
    This thesis is about the double jeopardy clause of the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. It aims at pointing out the problem which arises from the law. This problem is that during the trial if the ...
  • Trifonova, Mariia
    The thesis investigates the organization of the Leningrad- Seattle space bridge between the US and the Soviet Union on 29th December 1985. Paper examines the raised questions in the space bridge and its uniqueness from ...
  • Ferenczi, Martin
    Numerous countercultures and alternative ways of life emerged not merely in the 1960s, but also throughout the history of the United States. This work zeroes in upon one of the most significant ones, the hippie counterculture. ...
  • Héthy, Amira
    My thesis takes an interdisciplinary approach to the analysis of power, relying on the works of thinkers such as Max Weber, Bertrand Russell, John R. P. French and Bertram H. Raven, giving the theoretical background of the ...

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