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Theses (Faculty of Medicine)

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  • Allbdi, Yousef Wasel
    the thesis talks about definition symptomes and treatment of atrial fibrillation as we as some relevant statistics
  • Björnsson, Aron Hjalti
    Two decades ago, the introduction of the TNF inhibitors revolutionised the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and spondyloarthritis. In the years to follow, more targeted therapies where introduced for rheumatoid arthritis. ...
  • Zeevi, Chen
    Chemotherapy and biological treatment of lung cancer
  • Hussain, Mohammed
    its about anxiety and how it can affect both medical students and health professionals in day to day life. Defining anxiety and how it can be diagnosed and treated affectively. The history and pathology of anxiety. The ...
  • Hen (Hassan), Eyal
    This thesis presents an entire range of treatment modalities for locally advanced breast cancer and focuses on related aspects, which have direct implications for designing the ultimate therapy plan for the different cases.