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Theses (Faculty of Pharmacy)

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  • Aktas, Melinda
    The first aim of this thesis work was to evaluate the skin disorder, psoriasis from pharmaceutical stand point. Besides describing the pathology and epidemiology of the disease we to demonstrated the possibility of use of ...
  • Motiei, Mojtaba
    Ischemic Heart Disease
  • Koohestanu, Sina
    small interfering RNA which down regulate gene expression guided by sequence complementarity , can be used therapeutically to block the synthesis of disease causing proteins.siRNA play an essential role in treatment of ...
  • Osuji, Jennifer Ifeoma
    The purpose of the study was to investigate the impact of contraceptives in present time, comparing before and after the introduction of contraceptives,the awareness and efficacy/effectiveness.
  • Abdollahzadeh, Aysen
    nowadays much interest has been focused on lipid based formulations,with particular emphasis on semi solid liquid crystals as a possible drug delivery system to improve the bioavailibility of poorly soluble drugs.the aim ...